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Dora is opening a yoga studio in West Seattle. Here is the new Website: www.spirapoweryoga.com

ABOUT Mindful Power Yoga

Strengthen your body
Focus your mind
Be in the Moment - Discover Joy

You might think this sounds like a lot to accomplish, but I promise you if you are practicing Mindful Power Yoga you will have a healthy body, a balanced mind, and more happiness in your life. I know this because it happened to me, and I have witnessed the transformation of so many others through yoga.

Power yoga is a rigorous exercise that can be modified to fit all individuals from 10-100 years of age. As a matter of fact, you may find that there is no need for your gym membership!

So what makes it yoga?
It is your mind. Throughout the class I will be encouraging you to stay focused on your breath and stay compassionate with yourself. Although during the class I challenge you, yoga is never competitive. We never compare, we never judge, and we never force any pose. If you find a pose challenging, I will help you modify it. I will be there to help you take the practice seriously, but also to teach you to take yourself lightly.

Laughter and compassion are muscles that we use during practice. Often, we are much too hard on our own bodies and we judge our capabilities by what we see others doing or achieving. Our minds can be our worst enemy. My goal is not only to get you into a healthy body. My goal is to strengthen your body and mind with joy, compassion, and peace!

So come and join me on the path of yoga!


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